[Slimming salad is good]_ salad dressing _ how to choose _ which is better

[Slimming salad is good]_ salad dressing _ how to choose _ which is better

Salad is a food often eaten by many women who lose weight, but many female friends find that after eating salad instead of meals, their weight has increased a lot without losing weight. Why is this?

In fact, the culprit causing this phenomenon is salad dressing. The conversion of salad dressing is particularly high, so it is best to use other sauces instead of salad dressings to make salads when losing weight.

“Weight loss” is not all about pursuing a slim beauty-only “career”. Many people will suggest: eat vegetable salad!

Vegetable salads do not have the energy of staple foods, and the satiety brought by a large plate of such salads is relatively strong, which is perfect!

Is that true?

Take a bag of 100 g of commercially available egg yolk salad dressing, pour it into a bowl, and heat it in the oven for 1 minute and 30 seconds. The salad dressing is beaten back to its original shape.Half a bowl of bright oil!

Where does the oil come from?

According to the “General Principles of Nutrition Labelling of Prepackaged Foods”, various ingredients should be sorted in descending order of the amount added during production and processing.

The ingredients list for salad dressing shows us what it really looks like before “make-up”: the top three ingredients are: vegetable oil, egg yolk, and water.

The so-called salad dressing is actually egg yolk with cooking oil.

The cooking oil is emulsified into a paste by the phospholipids in the egg yolk during continuous stirring with the egg yolk, so it presents a semi-solid flavor like this to us.

Vegetables that had a very low energy density, the energy of the fruit wrapped up in a salad dressing and turned straight up.

Mixing a plate of salad basically requires at least 50 grams of salad dressing. If you are pursuing taste and want to show the effect that each slice of vegetable is wrapped in salad dressing, then a plate of salad needs to be mixed with about 100 grams of salad dressing.

The energy of this 100 g salad dressing is three times higher than that of a pig’s large intestine of the same weight!

Salad dressing is high in fat, and it also contains too much salt. Long-term consumption of too much can make people fat, which will cause cardiovascular damage.

The energy requirement of an adult female light manual worker for a day is 2100 kcal, and dinner accounts for one third of the energy of the whole day, which is 700 kcal. Each 100 grams of salad dressing seasons 2939 kJ, which is 702 kcal after conversion.

If you don’t eat dinner for such a salad, the energy will more than double the energy requirements of a normal dinner.

How to eat salad to be healthy?

Please replace the salad dressing with the following three ingredients.

First, use sweet and sour juice, oil and vinegar instead of salad dressing.

Second, yogurt instead of salad dressing.

Third, sesame sauce instead of salad dressing to make vegetable salad.

Although the content of sesame sauce is unfortunately low (nearly 50% aunt), we usually need to add water when eating sesame sauce.

Adding the right amount of garlic and vinegar to the reduced sesame sauce can be blended into a delicious sauce, which is poured on the vegetables, which brings a rich taste and is also supplemented with calcium, magnesium, potassium and other minerals.

It should be noted that the rest of the soup is best not to drink, even the aunt floating in the soup, and a lot of salt.