[Red beans and red beans which invigorate blood]_action_effect

[Red beans and red beans which invigorate blood]_action_effect

People now pay more and more attention to health, because everyone believes that health is the most important.

And some people usually develop symptoms of anaemia.

Blood is the most important part of the body. Once the problem of extended anemia occurs, it is easy to cause blood diseases and it is difficult to recover from treatment.

So the best thing is to prevent disease.

Beans are able to qi and blood.

But which red blood and red bean blood?

Chixiaodou’s detailed effects are beneficial to dampness and dampness: ancient doctors used Chixiaodou as a diuretic to treat a variety of edema patients, including cardiogenic edema, nephrotic edema, liver cirrhosis ascites, beriberi edema, pregnant women or postpartum swelling.

Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty had a food-effect formula, using red adzuki beans “and carp, catfish, and yellow hens to cook, and to reduce water swelling.”

From the perspective of modern medicine, whether it is fish or chicken, cooking with red beans, and placing it is a very nutritious, high-protein diet, which replaces and has a diuretic effect. Therefore, this has an impact on malnutrition edema and hypoproteinemia.Swelling caused by edema, or edema of kidney disease, hypertension, or liver disease, is indeed a cure-all method.

Tongmilk: Ancient doctors and folks used it for postpartum lack of milk.

As introduced in the ancient “Book Production Fang”: “Milk is not available, cook red beans and drink juice.

“Song Dynasty medical doctor Chen Ziming’s” Women’s Recipes “also recorded:” Yufusu, seven days after delivery, the milk pulse is not working, the medication is invalid, and sometimes I get one liter of red adzuki beans, cook it for porridge, and do it that night.

“Chen Ziming, a famous gynecologist, used the red adzuki bean porridge after the ineffective medication for his wife’s lack of milk, and it can also prove the reliability of the effect of red adzuki on milk.

Eliminate obesity: In the practice of Zen longevity diet advocated by a Japanese longevity scientist, Chixiaodou was found to be a good longevity food.

Statistics also show that thin people live longer and fat people live shorter.

In the Tang Dynasty Chen Shiliang’s “Eating Herbal Medicine”, there has been a record of Chixiaodou’s “long diet and thin people”.

The detailed effects of red beans nourish the heart and blood: The ancient Li Shizhen put the red beans above the “Valley of Hearts”, highlighting the red beans’ nourishing effect.

Adzuki beans can clear one’s heart and make up for it.

It is rich in crude fiber, which can help reduce blood lipids, lower blood pressure, and improve the function of heart activity. It can also be iron, can qi and blood, and is very suitable for heart blood.

Keep your hands and feet away from the cold in winter.

Spleen and Stomach: The spleen and stomach have relatively high digestive capacity and better absorption.

Therefore, those who are relatively weak should step up tonics in winter and make good nutrition reserves for the coming year. Only in the coming year will they be good, strong, and not sick.

Red beans, called “Red Beans” in Chinese medicine, also have obvious spleen and stomach effects.

Eliminate edema: In addition to rich potassium in red beans, the saponin contained in the outer skin also has a strong diuretic effect, which can improve the face and foot caused by beriberi and kidney function decline.Edema, so, red beans must be used to treat edema.